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The A&A System is the most technologically advanced centrifugal supercharger system available today. With our Ram Air Intercooler design, included SFI approved balancer, adjustable billet tensioner, we have applied everything we’ve learned in the last 15 years to produce our best system yet.

We know Corvette owners are discerning when it comes to under hood appearance. While engineering the performance side of this kit, we kept that in mind. Our system is as beautiful as it is powerful. Available in fully polished or satin black finishes.

A&A is the only manufacturer to include a fully machined SFI approved balancer with interchangeable lower pulleys as STANDARD EQUIPMENT. We stock 8 rib and 10 rib pulleys in sizes ranging from 7.65” to 8.35” Others just use a simple pulley that bolts to the stock cast iron balancer, with no choice in sizes. This balancer design allows us to use a dedicated 8 or 10 rib belt that does not interfere with the water pump or alternator belt. 

Both our competitors chose to bolt a machined add-on pulley to the existing cast balancer. How is that to be expected to run true? The ONLY benefit to using a pulley like this is to the manufacturer because it is CHEAPER. 


With an all aluminum case design for lower rotating mass, stress-proof steel hub and 1040 steel internal inertia rings for outstanding durability, our balancers are a great investment for your street or race vehicle and come standard in ALL our C7 supercharger systems. 

Inside the light weight billet aluminum cover is a free floating wet friction clutch pack assembly that utilizes spring loaded inertia rings to dampen crankshaft harmonics over a wide RPM range. The rings work in conjunction with clutches to provide outstanding dampening action. That action does generate some heat, and we use a small amount of fluid inside that acts as a lubricant as well as dissipates heat to the outer body.


A&A continues as the leader in intercooler design with our new C7 Ram Air Intercooler. GM did a great job sealing in the radiator cavity from the grill opening to the radiator. This whole cavity is being packed with air when the vehicle is at speed. After carefully looking at all placement and airflow direction options, we came up with our present design. The intercooler lays flat and is hidden behind the bumper cover. We weld an aluminum scoop to the intercooler which protrudes into the incoming air stream and directs it through the intercooler and out the bottom. Any air that is grabbed by the scoop is literally rammed through the intercooler core. Simple physics won’t allow it to go anywhere else. Hence the name “Ram Air Intercooler”.

A&A Corvette tensioner design once again stands out from the crowd. Each solid billet tensioner starts out as 9.6 pounds of 6061 aluminum bar, has 3 internal spring pressure settings and is adjustable to accommodate larger balancer pulleys. It is the only tensioner on the market that features a lockout mechanism. The tensioner is easily locked in the open position for painless belt installation. Both the main bracket and tensioner are clearly stronger than anything on the market. Our tensioners have precision bearings riding on a machined chromoly center shaft and are fully rebuildable. Each one is hand built and tested for spring pressure, bearing clearance and alignment. Spring pressure is set per your application. We even have an optional spring for extreme applications. Our $400 precision tensioner vs. a $60 truck tensioner. It’s your call. Which is better? Our competition just can’t compete with that!

 Our bracket uses solid billet mounts that attach the main bracket to the block and the cylinder head. Our cylinder head mount has FOUR mounting points. Others use a simple dowel with a long bolt, or worse yet, a threaded rod going through the middle that can twist under extreme forces. Obviously, this is much cheaper but clearly not as strong. Ours simply cannot move in any direction.

We use steel idler and tensioner pulleys with dual bearings and the proper stanchions to properly support the bearings. Every aspect of this bracket and tensioner setup has been analyzed and optimized. Nothing else even comes close!

Our adjustable sliding idler, along with our adjustable billet tensioner, allows for full adjustment of both belt tension and wrap.

Even better for the consumer is that the entire bracket, pulley and supercharger assembly comes completely preassembled for you. Take it out of the box and bolt it onto the block and cylinder head without having to assemble a thing. Even the mounting bolts are “zip-tied” in the proper holes. It really is a 5-minute proposition to bolt the entire supercharger and bracket assembly on the engine.


Below was a 2017 Corvette C7, 7 speed we built in house at JB Performance Motors