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   Welcome to "Nate's Corner". A little automotive blog where I discuss various LS and Corvette topics as well as let off a little steam once in a while with an occasional rant. First of all you have to ask yourself, who in the heck is Nate and why should I read his blog?      
   Well let me start off by letting you know a little something about me. I am a mechanical engineer that specializes in steam generation. I operate power plants (imagine Homer Simpson but with more hair) with various types of large equipment from chillers the size of a small apartment to boilers producing millions of BTU's worth of steam. Working in this industry has exposed me to testing a lot of components, materials, and chemicals such as lubricants. Over the years I've been able to apply some of this knowledge into the automotive field.
   My automotive experience is that of a pretty darn good shade tree mechanic. All kidding aside I have been wrenching on cars for well over 20 years and specifically on LS engines and Corvettes for about 14 years now. So, as you can imagine over the years I have encountered many types of issues as well as solutions having to do with the LS series of engines. I have also gotten to know C5 and C6 Corvettes extremely well. Currently I drive a lightly modded, damn near stock really, 2011 C6 LS3 6spd manual that I have tracked and are about to start really modding.
   Over the years I have been able to build several engine and drivetrain combos for Corvettes from simple daily driver builds to 1000+ RWHP beasts. In recent years, through friendships I've built, I've been able to learn from and work with various shop owners and technicians, from general repair work, to machining and even fabrication. 
   Even though I've gotten to know quite a bit of things over the years, there's still a ton of stuff that I'm currently learning and have yet to learn. However with the recent influx of new and or young owners into the world of LS engines and Corvettes (especially as they get cheaper), I feel that it's my duty to give a little bit back just like I've learned from others and that's what I plan on doing with this blog.
   In this blog we will discuss several topics and hopefully you can learn a little something from them or worst case I can entertain you for a few minutes. You will see topics here from things like maintenance-related issues, engine components, tires, brakes, various types of reviews and possibly even some car care related stuff.
So thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for peeking through this tiny window into a brain filled with useful and useless information, where the gears are constantly turning yet sometimes the lights are on but no one is home. Maybe you can take a little something from this blog that may be useful to you... or not. 

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  • Great … Looking forward to your blog
    Gary … Iowa

    gary dixon

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